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 Meditation to help with Healing

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PostSubject: Meditation to help with Healing   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:03 pm

Meditation to ground and protect and cleanse to help with our healing

Let’s go for a little walk in the forest, enjoy all the sounds and all you see around you.
The birds are singing high up in the tree’s, start to breathe slowly, deep breathes in through your nose, slowly out through your mouth, all is well you are getting nice and relaxed.

You look ahead and see a clearing with luscious green grass. In the middle of the clearing is a large oak tree standing tall and looking like the king of the forest. You walk up to this tree and give the tree a hug just as you would a friend, if you wait a while you may feel the tree’s vibration on your hands. You turn and stand with your back against the tree to ground yourself. Imagine your roots from your root chakra sinking down, down until they reach the earth core.

They wrap around the earth’s core to keep you grounded to mother earth, you are now grounded and fully connected to mother earth, don’t worry if your feet feel cold as they start to sink into the earth this is normal.

Next visualize a bright white and golden light shinning down on you from above. This is the universal life force shinning down to give you love and protection. It surrounds your whole body like a huge bubble.

Imagine it go in through your crown chakra, cleansing you inside, imagine it go through your chakra system and to every cell in your body it cleanses everything in its path, ask the universe to take any negative energies away for you to do with as they wish. Now visualize all the colours of the rainbow coming in through your crown and into the bubble encircling you. Every colour your body needs will go to where it is needed. You are now feeling safe calm and enjoying this peaceful place. All you worries are far away you have left them behind, this is your time to relax and forget them all.

Relax and breathe in slowly as you breathe in think only positive thoughts, breathe out slowly. Keep breathing this way this will help you to stay relaxed. Any worries that come to mind let them go. Stay in this calm way for as long as you feel you want to.

Now you are nice and relaxed and protected ask your angels and healing guide’s to come forward to help and aid us with our healing today. Talk to your guide/angels they will be with you to aid you and comfort you and help the healing process, tell them anything that bothers you, ask them to take away your fears and anxieties. Stay with them for as long as you wish this is your time to be at one at peace enjoy.

When you are ready come back to the here and now slowly and gently open your eyes, dont rush take your time. Breath gently, drink some water and do a few stretches and move about a little to help you come back, now go about your day feeling calm and positive.

© Monica 28/03/12

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PostSubject: Thank you Angels   Wed Mar 28, 2012 7:17 pm

Thank you Angels. lovely meditation, will definitely try this later, blessings xx
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PostSubject: Re: Meditation to help with Healing   Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:14 pm

wow ty hun just what i needed xx
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PostSubject: Re: Meditation to help with Healing   

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Meditation to help with Healing
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