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 Stonehenge Meditation

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PostSubject: Stonehenge Meditation   Tue May 01, 2012 8:03 am

Begin by placing both soles of your feet on the floor or if you’re sitting cross-legged, seat yourself comfortably holding your fingertip on your thumb to maintain a sense of peace and alignment. Take a deep breath in for five counts, 1,2,3,4,5.... and out for five counts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. In for five counts and out for five counts.

Continue focusing on your breathing. Breathe in blue for peace and black out for tension. Black is not necessarily negative, but it helps to visualise the colour for focusing purposes. Don’t alter your breathing, just relax. Become aware of your self, of any aches and pains in your body. In your mind’s eye focus your attention on your temples, by becoming aware of the feeling of tension in your temples, you are able to gently massage away the feeling by visualising a ball of dazzling golden white light above your head, this is healing light gifted to you from the Stars, feel this cosmic light overflowing with higher vibrations, imagine this light gently massaging the tension from your temples, spilling over and into your crown chakra, filling the inside of you as well as encompassing the outside of you. Watch it as it spreads as a butterfly effect over your body, covering you from head to foot. As it fills the inside of you it cleanses and clears the old energies and emotions away from your chakras, cleanses and purifies the old feelings....this is also your protection.
Become aware of the stone path that lies ahead of you. It curves and weaves its way through a field filled with flowers. Step onto the path which slowly paves the way through the half open red tulips, that merge with the orange marigolds, tread lightly as you step through the golden daffodils that tease you with their trumpets, as you find yourself walking through the untamed pink roses and the clusters of enchanted bluebells, take some time to think about what magic lies ahead of you in this journey. Take time to contemplate on what you want to get out of this journey, thoughts, feelings, inspirational ideas. Reflect on yourself and how far you’ve come even though your meditation journey is just beginning. See yourself walking a bit quicker now through the harebells and through the white hyacinths towards the tree in the centre of the field. The grass has been cut around this tree. In my eyes its an oak. In your eyes it could be a totally different tree. Become aware that there is a reason as to why you’ve come, see yourself sitting down beneath this tree. Feel the earthy soil underfoot, ask the tree for permission to ground with her. If yes proceed with the grounding by visualising the roots entwining around your feet, descending downwards into the earth, pushing through all the layers, the soil, the sand, as they descend, all the rest of the tension flows away with them, so you’re left feeling relaxed and fully grounded. Now you are ready to begin the journey!

The sky is clear today, filled with stars. Feel the warmth of the moonlit rays filling your space, your being, spreading outwards to the core, filling you with reassurance. You are going to spread your wings today in order to be the person who you’ve dreamed of being. Look to your right. In front of you appears a white starlit staircase. It’s lit by starlight. Step upon the starlit staircase. There is an angel standing at the bottom of the stairs. She is holding out a full golden cup for you to put your thoughts and worries in. Visualise your thoughts and worries flowing into the cup. See them in your mind’s eye as silver or grey colours being poured into the cup. You can always take them back when you return but for the time being, imagine them being poured into this cup. 1st step, your mind is quietening, the chatter is stepping back. You are at ease. 2nd step, the angel is walking with you, guiding you onto the 3rd step, where you feel more content, fulfilling. 4th step, you feel more at peace now, relaxed, 5th step, your vibrations are being raised, there is so much to learn in so little time, but you’ll only be given what you need to know at this point in time, 6th step, nearly there, 7th step....you’re nearly at the top, 8th, 9th, 10th, step.... waiting for you at the top of this staircase is a flying carpet hovering in mid air. It looks relatively safe so you pluck the courage to take sit yourself down on this beautifully woven carpet. Seated at the other end of this carpet is your guide, who will be joining you on this journey. ‘I’ll leave you now’, the angel of the starlit staircase says, ‘to direct the carpet, merely think forwards and the carpet will fly forwards’. So you’re flying with your guide on this magic carpet ride. Don’t worry. You are safe. Your guide won’t let any harm come to you. Talk to him or her while on this journey. Know in your heart that you are safe and protected.

The magic carpet shoots forward into the night. From the ride, you can see all the star constellations in the night sky. The moon as she rests patiently in her place, waiting for the sun to rise. The stars are lighting the way for you. It may take a while but soon or later you reach the place where we all are meeting up today. Stonehenge. So, as you travel across the country along with your guide or across the pond if you have a long way to come.
‘We’ve arrived’, you hear these words just as the carpet descended to the ground. A hand is offered to you as you take it, you smile back at your guide who leads you towards the cluster of stones where the circle is made. To your eyes, the area looks barely visible, except for the light of the stars above. The energy around this area is different, it feels more intense, more magical, healing and uplifting. You can feel the shift in the energy as you are guided closer to the circle. You and your guide sit down just outside the circle waiting for the others to arrive. Those you are meeting arrive in only a few seconds later. It is now not nearly as dark as it may seem. The sunrise is arriving, the first streaks of golden light embrace the darkness, chasing it away. You find yourself getting up from where you are sitting and wander to brush the stones gently with your fingertips. While you’re wandering around the circle, you may meet a unicorn guide or one of your other animal guides. Your animal guide may have wisdom to impart with you. Listen to their teachings and their wisdom. It will help you in your life today.

Your guide is waiting for you round the other side, it is time to return. You both say goodbye to the others that you’ve met in your journey today. You wave farewell to Stonehenge and its magic, the sunrise which brings in the feeling that all will be right in the world. You and your guide both step upon the magic carpet to ascend to the air again. Watch as you glide slowly through the golden streaked sky picking up speed. As you arrive back on the staircase, you may want to take back your burdens from the angel, or you may choose to leave them in the cup so that the angels may deal with them appropriately as they deem fit. Say good bye to your guides as he or she takes off into the night on the magic carpet ride. Know they are always around to support you at any time you need their help.

Picture yourself descending down the staircase, taking the steps one at a time. 10th step, you are coming back down to earth, 9th you are enjoying the energies that are around you, 8th you step down to the 7th step which you are very relaxed and calm, 6th your mind chattering has quietened and you are now listening to the silence, 5th you are aware of your surroundings, 4th you are more aware of the room you are in, 3 , 2, 1, you are now back in the room. Take a few sips of water or drink that you have handy with you. Reground yourself if you feel the need to.

Written by Moonstone 2012
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Stonehenge Meditation
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