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 Healing Meditation

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PostSubject: Healing Meditation   Tue May 01, 2012 8:07 am

I’d like you to take three deep cleansing breaths. Don’t alter your breathing, just relax. You are standing on a grassy meadow filled with flowers buttercups and pink daisies. To your left notice a tree. Sit down beneath this tree. When you’re comfortable enough ask the tree for permission as to whether or not you can use its roots to ground with. If yes, proceed with this meditation. As you sit down, you lean back making yourself comfortable and at one with the tree’s energy. Imagine roots encircling your feet, entwining themselves and descending into the earth, pushing their way through the upper layer of the soil, down into the core of the earth. You are grounded. Picture your favorite crystal in the palm of your hand, see it growing, becoming larger. So large so that you are able to notice a door handle engraved into the crystal. Grasp it with both hands to open it. Step into the crystal, this will protect you throughout the day. Turn your attention to the woman beside you, this is Selene, she is here to help you direct the healing as to where it needs to go.

A beautiful ray of silver moonlight descends from the light of the moon, filling your crown chakra, you visualize this silver ray of healing light pour in through your crown chakra, cleansing and purging away any tension. Shift your focus to your crown chakra, imagine this ray of silver dazzling white energy filling it, so that it overflows over your head, temples, face, neck, torso, chest, descending over your hips, legs and see the tension flowing out through you into the ground. Shift your focus to your hands. The moon energy burns away any and all negative thoughts ailments or past related names, burning away their negative energies so that they may no longer hinder you or your pathway.
Notice the constant stream of healing light that’s pouring into your crown flow through your body to the chakras in your hands. Your palm chakra are open. Focus in the middle of the circle, already you can visualize the others seated opposite you and beside you. Type in any names of the people you would like to direct the healing energies to.

When you are finished typing the names in, take another deep breath, allow the healing energy to flow through you to your palm chakras, visualize the healing energies streaming from your palm chakras to form a beautiful ball of golden white healing orb. As you imagine this healing orb increasing being filled with love and healing and any other symbols or colours or songs that you want to put into the orb, it spreads outwards in all directions and is willed directly to those that you’ve requested for it to be sent to. Know that it is being sent to them.

Remember to give thanks to those who help you send the healing after you finish.

Written by Moonstone 2012
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Healing Meditation
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