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 Chakra Cleansing Meditation

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PostSubject: Chakra Cleansing Meditation   Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:30 am

Chakra Cleansing

Firstly sit back and relax. Take some nice slow breathes, breathing in love and peace and on the out breath let go of anything that is not for your highest good. Keep this slow calm breathing up for a while until you feel very relaxed and calm.

Now connect to source be it God, Universal Energy, or any other way you feel drawn to use. To do this think/imagine you have a pure white light come in through your crown Chakra, imagine it go down through each Chakra and out through your root Chakra, and then it goes down into Mother Earth.

Imagine it come back up towards your root Chakra (bottom one at your tail end) your root Chakra is red, now imagine the root Chakra get brighter and redder as the light energy spins around your Root Chakra cleansing, balancing it revitalizing it.

Now imagine the light move up to your Sacral Chakra, just below your tummy button (orange) it spins your Chakra to cleanse, balance and revitalize it.

Next is your Solar Plexus, this is the top of your tummy, below your chest (Yellow) Imagine the light spin around to cleanse, balance and revitalize it.

Moving up now to your Heart Chakra (Green although some feel its pink, you choose which you feel it is for you) Imagine it spin around to cleanse, Balance and revitalize your Heart Chakra.

Next is your Throat Chakra (Blue) Imagine the light spin around and Cleanse, Balance and revitalize your throat Chakra.

Now on to your Third Eye Chakra, forehead, (Indigo), imagine the light spin around and Cleanse, Balance and revitalize your Third Eye Chakra.

Lastly on to your Crown Chakra top of your head (White) imagine the light spin around and Cleanse, Balance and revitalize your Crown Chakra.

Now Imagine it come out of the top of your Crown Chakra a bit like a shower and flow down over your Aura Cleansing it as it flows over it. Ask the universe to take away any negative feelings, thoughts or anything that does not serve your highest good.

Now imagine the light just fade away and go out. Now just notice your surroundings and your back in your chair, twiddle your toes and fingers, and move about a little.

Please drink some water and go about your daily life, feeling far better and revitalized.

(Monica 12/06/12)

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Chakra Cleansing Meditation
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