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 Grounding/ Protecting with Nature

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PostSubject: Grounding/ Protecting with Nature   Thu Mar 22, 2012 12:46 am

Ground & Protect meditation

We begin by opening the gate of the lovely wooded area of the country park. Walk slowly along the path; listen to all the sounds around you. Take in the great feeling of being at one with nature, as we walk along we hear the birds singing high up in the trees.

To our right notice the large lake which is full of beautiful coloured ducks, wild birds and graceful swans all swimming around dipping their heads in looking for fish, their young hurrying behind. Slowly, quietly listen and look around really take it all in; nature has such beauty enjoy it.

This is so relaxing notice how peaceful you feel enjoy every minute of it. Look around at all the beautiful coloured wild flowers around you, the trees so old they have their own stories to tell. At last we come across a beautiful large old oak tree, very majestic looking. Go up to the tree, if you feel comfortable with it give the tree a hug. Now rest your back against the tree, with your feet flat on the ground.

Keep up the slow calm breathing at a steady pace. You should by now feel calm and comfortable with your surroundings. Now imagine roots from your root chakra sinking into mother earth and mingling with the tree roots, your feet may start to feel quite cold, don’t worry this is quite normal, it shows you are connecting to Mother Earth, grounded.

Now visualise a huge white light of universal energy surround your whole body. Imagine this light go inside your body through your crown chakra (top of your head) and wash away any negative feelings that may be there. Your body inside and out is surrounded and protected by this white light full of pure love and protection.

You should by now be feeling at peace and very calm.
Relax you are safe, enjoy the time to yourself, if you feel you want to talk to your Spirit Guide and Guardian Angel or any passed loved ones take the time to do that, you are at peace. Give yourself a few minutes to relax and enjoy your time in this peaceful place, if you have not already met your guide’s this may be a wonderful opportunity to meet them and get to know them.

When you are ready say your goodbyes thank the Angels/Spirits/Mother Nature for their help and for listening to your prayers and helping you. Step away from the oak tree slowly take the time to remember the nice calm feelings you had, take those feelings away with you. You can go to this special place anytime.

Walk slowly back along the path still admiring the beauty that surrounds you, your back at the beginning of your journey, but feeling so much better and more relaxed than you were. Slowly be aware till you realise your back in you home surroundings.
Now do a few stretches and take a few sips of water.

© Monica 2010

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Grounding/ Protecting with Nature
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