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 Beach Meditation for help with grounding and protecting

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PostSubject: Beach Meditation for help with grounding and protecting   Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:46 am

Beach meditation for Grounding & Protecting

Please get yourself a drink of water and get yourself as comfortable as you can and just relax, try to make sure you wont be disturbed with telephone calls or doorbells ringing.

Take a few deep breathes, keep breathing slowly, breathe in through your nose for positivity and breathe out through your mouth any negativity.

Today’s journey starts off with a nice slow stroll along the beach, just take your time. The sun is shinning on you but it’s comfortable and not to hot, there is a gentle breeze.

You paddle your feet at the waters edge as you walk along, it feels lovely and cooling, still going along slowly and feeling calm and enjoying the feeling and sounds of the ocean waves lapping at your feet. Still keep breathing at a slow even pace to keep relaxed. The beach is deserted, just you and the big ocean to keep you company.

You look around and you catch a glimpse of a large palm tree at the end of the beach. You walk on till you arrive at the tree, the trunk is bent near the bottom shaped like a little seat especially for you to sit down, so you do exactly that and close your eyes enjoying the moment.

Relax and imagine your feet sinking deep down into the sand, the tree roots wrap around your feet to ground you, your feet may feel cold, don’t worry this is normal. You ask Mother Earth to help ground you, you feel at one with nature, imagine roots coming from your feet sinking down into the earths core, you may feel a pulling sensation, or coldness in your feet or legs, this is normal, you are now fully grounded.

Still closing your eyes visualise a bright pure white light shinning down on you, this is a universal light of love and positive energy sent to protect you. Imagine this bright powerful light of love surrounding every part of your body.

It goes in through your crown chakra and fills every inch of you with loving positive energy, cleaning away any negativity, sending it back down through your body out through your feet into the earth to change into positivity it comes back up, then it spills over to surround your body including your aura your whole being as if your in a bubble.

Visualize yourselves go back down to the waters edge and gentle walk into the ocean; it is not at all cold just comfortable and invigorating. Slowly you get in a bit deeper, you’re so relaxed by now that you lie back and float on top of the water.

All the time your protective bright light is surrounding you, also imagine golden swirls surrounding your body, if you feel the need you can ask Arch Angel Michael to give you extra protection, picture his blue cloak cover you.

Ask your spirit guides/angels that no negative energies/spirits/beings come into your protection only allowing love and light, no negative people’s thoughts/feelings/emotions/pain come through your protection only allowing love and light.

Your mind drifts; you let yourself go, have never felt so peaceful.
If you want to talk to your guide, angels, passed loved ones now is a good time as you are feeling so safe and relaxed. Talk to them about anything bothering you; ask them to ease any pains or sadness you may be feeling.

Ask your guide any questions you would like answers to, they will listen and if need be may give you advise.

Stay in this peaceful state for a while longer, there is no rush, also you can go back to this very place any time you need to relax and feel at peace, this is your special place, your time to spend with your passed loved one, your guide/angels. Stay there to relax for a few minutes.

When you’re ready to come back, let your mind go back to the palm tree, back up the beach, and back to your home surroundings, drink some water. Slowly make yourself aware of your surroundings, do a few stretches to loosen up.

Written by Monica 04/02/09

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Beach Meditation for help with grounding and protecting
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