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 Healing Methods and Information

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PostSubject: Healing Methods and Information   Tue Jul 03, 2012 9:49 pm

I feel all the Healing methods or Rituals come from the same Universal energy this is my own opinion, please decide for yourself how you feel about that statement. Of course there are many different ways of sending and sharing your healing abilities with others.

In saying that and in my opinion you do not need to be a qualified healer to send healing, anyone can share their love and heartfelt healing energies with others, often it is just the intent to help that matters.

A loving hug or gesture. Listening to a friend or family member could mean you helped to change their whole day, they may then feel loved and that they matter in this world.

I have always tried to make time to listen, even before I learned anything about healing I was always there for those in need of a chat or a shoulder to cry on, it’s not always about being able to send Reiki or Spiritual Healing or about how qualified you are or if you had formal training.

I do love to share Reiki Healing with those in need. I also call on the Angels to help me send healing. I have not done any Angel healing courses, personally I don’t feel the need to do this, I already feel and sense their energy and know they are there to help me and everyone else. I don’t mean to offend anyone who has done Angel courses, if you have then that’s great, this is just my own opinion.

Angels can be at your side in an instant; even before you have finished calling them they know your intent and are at your side. You do need to ask them for their help as we all have free will.

You can send love and healing thoughts just by the intent to do so, if your intent is heartfelt then that in my opinion is sending healing thoughts. Of course you learn how to send energy healing in a few minutes, its just a matter of connecting to a source such as Mother earth, the moon, a star universe so on, once you have done that and you can feel the energy entering through your crown chakra and flowing down to your hands/body you can set the intent to send it to whoever you wish.

It is always good practice to ask the recipient first, if they are able to consent, if not ask their higher self, by this I mean ask (name of person) as if you are talking to them if they are happy to receive healing, although I have never done this when sending Kundalini Reiki I have always asked the person themselves because this is the way I was taught.

If you would like any help or information, myself or one of our healers or site helpers are only to happy to help should the need arise, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance, love, Angelslove

1st may 2012

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Healing Methods and Information
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