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 Creating Healing Energy Balls

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PostSubject: Creating Healing Energy Balls   Thu Mar 22, 2012 8:58 pm

Greating Energy healing balls

Firstly I would like you to take a few deep breathes. On the exhale breathe out all stress and tension, and on each inhale feel yourself become more relaxed.

When you are ready I would like you to connect to a source of universal energy. If you are reiki attuned, activate the reiki flow or if you are a spiritual healer use whatever method resonates with you to connect to the energy, however you do not need to be attuned to any healing method to send healing or energy balls anyone can send them, make sure you connect to a source as if you dont you will use your own energy and feel very drained.

Concentrate on drawing energy from whichever source you feel drawn to connect to for example. Connect to God/universal energy, Mother Earth, a Star, the Moon, the Sun or any other method you feel drawn to use. Just Visualize bringing the energy into your own body from the source either through your crown chakra or if using the earth in through your feet.

I want you to place you hands a few inches apart, but with your palms facing each other. Now imagine the energy flowing out of your hands and into the space between and see it start to form a ball.

Keep channeling energy into the ball, and see it expanding. If you move your hands closer you should feel some resistance. See the ball become the colours that you wish to send to the recipient. So if I wanted to send peace and calm, I would imagine my ball becoming blue and violet.

Keep going until the ball is a nice size and you can visualize it nice and bright. You can also use your other senses, so imagine you can hear a healing vibration come from the ball, or smell a nice healing scent, or feel warmth/coolness coming from it.

Now you ball is ready to send. Imagine the recipient stood before you, and place the ball where you sense it needs to go, or place it into their heart chakra and know the energy will go to where it is needed.

When finished, disconnect from source by imagining the light fade out more and more, then ground yourself, imagine roots growing out of the souls of your feet, sinking into mother earth, drink some water.

As an addition to this technique, if you work with the elements, angels, masters, divinities you can also ask them to add their energy to the ball, and/or get them to deliver the ball to the recipient.
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PostSubject: Re: Creating Healing Energy Balls   Wed May 02, 2012 12:53 am

A beautiful method, actually this reminds me of the humming ball method too which is in essence, a healing energy ball. But just with colours and symbols and whatever positive stuff one wants to put into it. Great post!
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Creating Healing Energy Balls
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