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PostSubject: ANGEL PORTAL INVOCATION 25.04.12   Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:31 pm

I realise that some of our members were unavoidably able to attend The Angel Portal Invocation, so I thought I would share it with you, I know you were there with us in heart xxx

We started off the Evening by explaining what a 'Portal' was ....

Tonight is very special for us, we are going to invoke our angels through a visionary portal and ask them for blessings on our site. I did this a few years ago at my home and it is a very beautiful experience, when the angels come they come through the portals I opened in my bedroom and my lounge, anyone can do this, it just gives us a focal point when inviting them to help us.

Of course doing this on our site is slightly different, I personally have a visualisation of what our Healing Sanctuary would be like in real life

I see this room as a wooded glade full of sunshine which filters through the branches of the trees that provide shelter and sturdy trunks for us to lean against, the grass beneath our feet is soft and lush.

In the centre of the glade is a sphere of rotating light, sending a beacon high into the sky, the peace is amazing here, so tonight I will be invoking the angels into the centre of the glade into the sphere of energy

Angels can be with everyone at the same time; they are omnipresent and can be with you and with other people.
It doesn’t matter how you see ‘The Portal’ it is just a gateway or entrance
For example I personally see the portal as a large vortex of energy, you see it in the way that suits you best

We then began the Invocation..

"Beloved Guardian Angels, soul friends and companions, we call upon you to bless us this day. Guide us in our thoughts, words and actions to assist others from the highest aspects of our souls.
Assist us to help and guide everyone that comes to our site we release our intentions to your care this day so you may cherish them with your love
Please carry our intentions to the highest love, grace and divine source.
We now invite you through our portal into our healing sanctuary so that you too can also feel our love for you
May this portal be open at all times and blessed with your presence and may your energy flow to the other rooms also
Guide us in all we do here, bring hope, joy, love and peace to all that visit us, Thank You, so mote it be, Blessed Be"
It was a lovely evening and we now feel that Peace, our Healing Sanctuary is filled with the love of our celestial friends, so for those who couldn't make it, please don't worry, you weren't far from our thoughts and were certainly part of this special Evening.
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PostSubject: Re: ANGEL PORTAL INVOCATION 25.04.12   Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:03 pm

Yes it certainly was special thankyou so much RavensMoon xxx

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