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 Heaven Letters 14th jan 2013

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PostSubject: Heaven Letters 14th jan 2013   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:21 am

Heavenletter #4434 You are the Light Bringer, January 14, 2013

God said:

How engaged Our hearts are with each other. How We embrace. How steeped in love are We as We sit on the balance wheel of life. How much love do Our eyes tell. How much love spins in the orbit of the moon. How much is granted on Earth, and how much do you, My lovelies, take for granted?

We have quite a relationship. We have quite a relationship with everyone and everything. We have a love relationship with the stars, for instance. This is a given. Everyone knows that the stars are something and that Our relationship with the stars is quite an event. Long live the stars!

Now I will speak of you. When I speak of you, I am referring to Me as well, for We, you and I, We share much in common. Now We will speak in common parlance, so I will say to you, One of My Children which means the many of My children seen strewn across the Universe yet which are, in Totality, One. Let’s get that out of the way.

You are My heart dispersed to the world. I asked Myself, “How much light can be lighted in the world?” To take care of this matter, I created you, and so you came to light this world with the light of love from your heart.

You are the Light Bringer, the Lantern of Love, and I hold you high in the Universe right along with the stars. “Stars in the Night Sky, light up the world,” I said. And I said to My Greatest Beings on Earth, the Human Beings, I said: “Light up the entire Universe day and night. Let there not be a moment that the world is in darkness. I commission you to light up the world and never let it dim.”

And you, you said: “Yes. Yes, God. Yes, God, I will do this. I will keep the Torch of Love lit for all time, in all seasons, in all events no matter how humble. God, this I will surely do.”

And I asked, as any parent would do, “You won’t forget, will you?”

And, you said, “Beloved God, I shall surely never forget. This is my pledge to you, God. I will always remember the mission on Earth that you gave to me. I will always enact it. In whatever darkness of ignorance the world may be in, I will light it. Yes, God, I will be the Light of the World.”

Then what happened is that you seemed to, not so much forget, as to leave the lighting up of the Universe to one of your many brothers or sisters to take care of. You thought, “There are enough of us to do it. It doesn’t have to be me.”

You thought you had the world covered, yet the perceived others in the world, were thinking much the same as you. Every one was depending upon others. And so you may have left your responsibility unfulfilled.

There were those mighty souls who came to Earth and took their responsibility, and how bright were the night stars and how bright was the Light of Love that issued from their hearts. They became the Great Ones, and you well know their names, though some have been forgotten. There were also those who shone their light, and their names were never known. They were just as great as the Great Ones, only they were not well-known. This is just how it is sometimes. And that is fine too. Great is great, known or unknown.

Today there are Great Ones just as well. Perhaps you are One. Just keep holding your light high, and My Will be done.

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Heaven Letters 14th jan 2013
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