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 Stop allowing fear to Givern you

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PostSubject: Stop allowing fear to Givern you   Wed Oct 17, 2012 5:14 am

Stop allowing fear to govern you

Inspired with my Guides help, thank you Willow

Step away from fear, there is nothing to fear, it stops you moving forward
Stop holding yourself back, let it go, its serves you no good. Let love flow freely through you today and everyday. Imagine a pure bright light surrounding your whole being, a gift from God now move about you’re life and forget all else.

Love is the only thing you need to take in and also let go off, so go ahead and share it around with all humanity, not just your friend or family let it go to all corners of the world, we are all connected so let there be no space between you and your fellow man.

Imagine someone or many people in need the other side of the Earth feeling this love this is possible just set the intent and it is so. Intend them to feel love and feel healed of their ailments this is a wonderful expression of love. God is love, we are Gods children therefore we are love. May many blessings come your way today and always.

© Written by Monica Guided by Willow

Treat others as you wish to be treated
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Stop allowing fear to Givern you
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