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 Messages channeled from Archangel Gabriel

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PostSubject: Messages channeled from Archangel Gabriel   Fri Sep 28, 2012 11:19 pm

I love how our Spirit Guides and Angels are always there for us. Today I was reading a bit about tips for helping to do spirit writing or automatic writing. I have had messages channeled to me previously from Gabriel my Guardian Angel but mostly they have been short message some personal ones and some to share. I wont copy what she give advise on as that may be copyright so will just share the messages I got through.


I wrote down Hello my beloved Guardian Angel I welcome this opportunity to communicate with you using my pen and notebook.

Monica : Are you with me?

Yes my dear one I am here as always

Can you show me a sign your with me?

He touched my face and I thanked him for it.

Do you have any messages or inspiration I can share with my group of friends?

Always remember we are not far away, the moment you think of us we are with you.

Today I want to share with you some Insight. You know the feelings and symptoms you are having a lot of late you call ascension symptoms, these energies need to be grounded to ease the dizziness or uncomfortable feelings, call on us to help you. We love to help you and no matter how many times you call. Just know we are ready and waiting for your calls.This is our purpose our father has given us this deed to do throughout your lives.

Do not be discouraged if things go quiet for you, this is the best way for you to assimilate the energies and knowledge downloads. know it is for your highest good, we can help you to deal with all the upheaval if you call on us.

Start today to integrate the energies and feelings with Gaia Mother Earth, call on her to help you stay grounded.

Imagine you grounding your roots then through your crown chakra allow the energies and Lord Gods energy to go through each of your Chakra's till they reach down to the core of Mother Earth. Ask and allow us to take away any negative thoughts, feelings, or energies. Only leaving the highest of light to enter your Aura, Chakra's and all of your bodies. Place (Imagine) bright light around your whole being and ask that you are protected, then know it is so.

Open your heart to your fellow man, love as your bother, share this love with many, help others to feel this pure love.

I will leave my love with you now dearest. Your beloved Gabriel, Nameste


Treat others as you wish to be treated
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Messages channeled from Archangel Gabriel
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