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 Positivity & Mother Earth

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PostSubject: Positivity & Mother Earth   Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:17 pm

Such a beautiful morning this morning heat bathing the bones and a gentle breeze easing us along, a little warm for the weans but they survived definitely not a day to take them out later in the midday heat.

I woke this morning pondering about negativity and that is where my thoughts were as we started our walk, I asked myself “Does our Great Mother have negativity”? Of course the answer was a loud no!! She battles on relentlessly to provide for us all, we are surrounded by her positivity, manifesting itself in her beauty regardless of the season or upheaval in nature.

She is so capable in absorbing negativity around her and bouncing it back to our eyes with her endless beauty, she is constantly challenged to survive, and does without question and more to the point without negativity, the seeds of nature are carried worldwide and her seeds pop up in the most bizarre places, they are constantly challenged.

I feel we fail to see the wonder of Mother Earth’s positivity, a perfect example occurred last week when I was in town, I was walking along the pavement and looked at the storm drain grid on the edge of the road, it was rusty and had mans negativity in the form of litter surrounding it, yet through the middle of this grid two leaves were poking their way out into the light, ok it was a weed but hey full marks for persistence, so there in the worst places, nature, although challenged had survived, regardless of being trampled underfoot, regardless of being flattened by a car tyre, she triumphed once again, and once again we were presented with a learning of surviving regardless of the pressure or negativity, the weed in the grids was surviving only on rubbish in the drain not a pure soil, our Great Mother Earth presents us with her proof of survival constantly, it is up to us individually to see the beauty.

My ponder today is the fact that if we are not being challenged, then we cannot grow, if we don’t have anything to push against, we will never make progress will we? .because there is always a positive thought to everything.
We often get messages in readings, whether we are the sitter, or the reader to connect with nature more often, why do you think we are told to say that? It goes back to my point about our Great Mother Earth, who is always challenged yet survives.

I feel when we look or talk about a work situation we talk about it as a whole, in meaning, if there are 20 people working in your office you are all the employees of that organisation, all working together, but no I say, hang on here, we may all work within the same four walls, but we are all unique, we all have the uniqueness of our own soul, so why join the negativity circulating, because you sure don’t have to, because you see, you are being challenged !!. accept the challenge, find the positive and distance ourselves from the negativity.

So to conclude, if we do not have anything to push against, we may not ‘grow’ it is a very revealing concept in my humble opinion, because if we are absolutely satisfied with our life in truth we will not try to change it in any way. Any positive change must come as a result of some negative influence that may force us to change.
So when you are asked to connect with nature again or indeed pass that message onto someone else, give thought to Mother Nature and her wonderful lessons given to us with such beauty and lack of aggression. Blessed Be

A woodland in full colour is awesome as a forest fire, in magnitude at least, but a single tree is like a dancing tongue of flame to warm the heart.
Hal Borland

Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher.
William Wordsworth

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PostSubject: Re: Positivity & Mother Earth   Tue Jul 31, 2012 5:15 am

That is a wonderfully inspiring message Serenity bless you for sharing with us. I know what you mean about mother earth being positive and strong. I have to be honest and admit when i first learned how to do my grounding and connecting I used to send the negativity down to mother earth for her to transmute (actually this was something I read/learned elsewhere) but now thankfully I have learned a far better way just by asking the universe/god/angels to transmute it for me so no more do I send my garbage down to our beautiful mother earth.

I love the beauty in mother earth I am in awe of her beauty. We need more people on board to look after our planet and appreciate her natural beauty. love x Aurora x

Love is all there is
For love is all there is
It is the life force
All encompassing pure energy
Surrounding us like a blanket

Feel the energy, feel the love
It is a gift that’s sent from above
We hate, we have war, stop that loud awful roar
Let's all stop, let's not fight, and let us all unite
Save Mother Earth let's show we can Love.

© Monica 15/09/10
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Positivity & Mother Earth
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