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 2012 and Ascension

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PostSubject: 2012 and Ascension   Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:12 pm

1987 was a momentous year that marked the beginning of humanity’s ascension, rebirth and shift into the Fourth Dimension. 1987’s Harmonic Convergence also marked the beginning of our sun’s direct alignment with the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. This very rare cosmic event has been exposing our whole solar system to intense rounds of “torsion wave” energy.
Many believe this newly discovered energy source emanating from Galactic Centre is activating our DNA and setting in motion The Great Shift long prophesied by many indigenous traditions, including the Mayan, Incan, Hopi and Vedic.

Mayan timekeeper’s records indicate that 2012 marks the close of several large cycles of time: a 26,000 year Mayan Calendar cycle, a 78,000 year Earth cycle, a 26 million year Earth cycle and the 225 million Galactic Year. The simultaneous close of these cycles in 2012 is like the odometer turning over for the entire history of our galaxy, and perhaps the whole cosmos.
It is a moment when humanity, Planet Earth, the Milky Way Galaxy and perhaps all of creation is expected to take a simultaneous leap in evolution.
Janae B. Weinhold

I have been urged to read more on 2012 recently, of course what we read is just an opinion of the author, I think it was 2006 when I first became aware of “The Great Awakening and 2012” there were so many opinions about at the time I became bogged down in information and gave up finding a solution that rang true with me personally and more to the point an opinion that I could share with others.

I feel the loudest shout of all from our Divine Source, is the fact that we have to stop behaving like sheep and follow one another’s opinions, each one of us has to ask our Divine Source for guidance, for it is only there that the truth will be known, our spiritual development and growth is as unique as our individual soul, so we have to ask our part of our Divine Source for help at all times.

Because ‘man’ often prefers to follow the crowd, I feel this has caused an inability to see the big picture, it has trapped us in a box that behaves almost like a matrix and we are constantly looking for the keys to break free of this limiting belief of exactly who we are and what we have become.

On the other hand, in seeking our individual divine guidance, we are more and more pulling back from the
chaos, turmoil and mundane parts of our life, this happens when we seek the truth, for example, have you noticed how you avoid reading newspapers, watching TV, especially the News? Do you now spend more time in meditation, or reading inspirational material and have a desire to connect more strongly with nature, also find like minded people to talk to?

This is good and how as individuals we should all be moving towards that way of thought and living, as you know my writing is guided and channelled through me, I don’t think there is much doubt about what the ponder is for today my dears, it is saying, don’t follow the crowd, don’t persist in relationships (friends) that prevent you from speaking the truth about who you are, if you hear spirit, do not listen to the lower levels, reach high up to you higher consciousness, your divine source and gain the truth needed to be able to cope with the energy shifts that are occurring around us at this time. Blessed Be one and all

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2012 and Ascension
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