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 The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer

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PostSubject: The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer   Wed Jul 18, 2012 8:29 pm

It was another drizzly morning this morning, but we managed to do our full walk; I was stiff from sitting so needed to loosen up the old joints hehe. My mind was on the troubled times and world disasters this morning, for some reason little known to me, yet, I had no doubt that all will be explained to me when I got back home and was obviously being guided to write something this morning.

Last year brought mighty upheaval to our planet with earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes, I feel it was one of the most tumultuous year that I remember, but our relationship with nature is not all about hardship and fear, we can connect to nature with love and peace as our intent, as we have often said, the more people that do send love and peace as a message to The Mother then the more powerful the healing will be.

Take the trees, The inner being of a tree is an individualised life-form, and a part of the Earth, I know it’s not a physical spirit in the sense that it could independently move, think or speak, on its own, but a spirit with feeling, consciousness, and a capacity to remain in continual contact with the state of the earth and with its own participation in that state.

Connect with a tree and sense its beautiful energy, if it did not have the ability to infuse energy then it would not grow, we wouldn’t be able to hear the rustle of its leaves in a gentle breeze, or hear its limbs groaning whilst trying to remain intact in a heavy gale, we would not see the splendour in its foliage and its differing shades of green when in full bloom, let’s not forget the beauty of the autumnal colours as they prepare to sleep over the winter months.

But by contrast, trees in many places of the world are in an awful state. Their spiritual essence and vitality has been diminished by mans wanton felling practices and their strength and beauty have been affected.
Nothing will happen until the earth's cries can be heard by a sufficiently awakened humanity, trees, as well as the earth herself, will be found to have suffered through a great ordeal at the hands of men and of human greed, and a way will be sought to correct the balance with which we relate to the natural world.

For those of us who love nature as a passion and a great part of our lives, please don’t give up on sending those healing thoughts to Our Mother, but maybe add that wisdom is send to man to see the error of his ways in his attitude towards the humble beauties Tree. Blessed Be

Great Spirit, Mountain Ancestors, All My Relations, Blessings be here today as I come before you Honoured One.
You have seen many sunrises and sunsets upon your branches, your sacred roots have been quenched by life giving rains.
Honoured Tree Spirit, I give thanks to you,
...for the singing birds that you shelter
...for the music you sing in the breeze
...for listening to the voices of the creatures
...for echoing the ancestor’s strength
Respected One, I ask your permission and humbly request your presence for my guided purpose as Great Spirit directs.
All things belong to you, Creator, all things are sacred.
So this day I honour you Tree Spirit and humbly Thank You.
Mitakuye Oyasin

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PostSubject: Re: The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer   Wed Jul 18, 2012 9:15 pm

That is so beautiful and very inspiring Serenity. Man is killing the planet slowly, it needs to stop as soon as possible.

Mother Earth needs to clear out for the light to shine through
The volcano’s and floods we see all around the globe, are much needed for that to happen
Help send her healing, help her to recover fully, so she can move up higher
Get rid of the bad, let go of the past, rid us all of our constraints
Send only love out to the universe, positive energy is greatly needed now
Let us all pray there be an end to all wars. Peace, peace beautiful peace.
Blessed be xx

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PostSubject: Re: The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer   Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:01 pm

I agree with you Aurora!!!

I believe we all need to work now in preventing these man made calamities, before the crises will catch up with us. Otherwise our sufferings will only keep mounting, like the plagues of Egypt happened in Exodus. Tsk... tsk... tsk...
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PostSubject: Re: The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer   

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The Humble Tree & an Indian Prayer
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