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 Trust in Yourself

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PostSubject: Trust in Yourself   Wed Mar 21, 2012 8:44 am

Trust in yourself

Listen to your gut instinct it will not let you down
Believe in yourself and have confidence in your own abilities
Listen to that little voice deep inside your head, yes you may be thinking I am imagining this, but after all, isn’t that similar to when you meditate, trust, trust, trust
Trust is a major obstacle to overcome, keep at it you will get there soon enough
Write everything down because if you’re like me you will not remember, I have note books all over my home, sometimes in the middle of the night I wake up with an idea for a Poem, usually they are inspired with my guides help, or maybe you want to remember a very profound dream, write it down. One time I got a vision for a pattern for a piece of abstract art I was about to start, so I scribbled it down at 4am then went back to sleep

Talk to your guide’s, even if you don’t know him/her believe he/she is there to help and guide you, but remember its you that has to do the work for yourself, I got told by my guide once when I was at a development class and I was stuck with a exercise for psychic art, I asked him to help me, he said you have to do this yourself, so don’t be expecting guides to do everything for you, even though they are willing to help and guide you all the time, some things we have to do for yourself in order to learn and progress.

Another thing I love is Angels and work with them all the time, normally its Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Raphael that I work with, but there are many many more you can call on, it’s just a matter of who you feel you connect with, but you can call any of them or more than one as I do. I believe my Guardian Angel is Gabriel, I sense him as tall and wearing a white robe with a golden rope belt, but I believe we all see them which way we expect to see them, I have never actually seen an angel or a spirit in front of me but I do sense them and feel their energy, although I see them in my mind often. When I sense spirit and guides I feel coldness but with Angels I feel warmth and overwhelming love, I love the energy of angels and they help me when I send healing when I call on them. I believe you need to ask for their help, as we all have free will so you need to ask them any time you need their help, unless your life is in danger and it’s not your time to go they will not step in unless asked to do so.
Always remember to trust your instincts and believe in yourself.

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Trust in Yourself
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