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 The Divine Source and The Tree

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PostSubject: The Divine Source and The Tree   Wed Jul 04, 2012 7:13 pm

Trees and our Soul
I thought about the Trees standing there accommodating any weather, standing erect in the face of the wind, bathing in the sun, absorbing the rain and standing so silent and naked throughout winter, they are such noble energies and we are so blessed with their presence in our lives.

My thoughts took me to the soul this morning, I asked for a comparison to our soul, I feel such an immense connection to Trees and Nature and have often thought that my energy and the Trees energy merge when I hug them or place hands upon them to send healing, it’s not just an exchange of energy, it is a most beautiful transition and affects my heart chakra, I most certainly feel a strong pull there.

Tree Huggers were laughed about not so long ago I confess to this action, I feel that Tree Huggers are misinterpreted, they don’t ‘hug’ for self gratification or self healing, I hug a Tree to be at one with its energy and to send love and healing to the Tree, not ask for its healing force to be given to me.

When Trees become a living presence for you then the entire natural world becomes ‘home’ I feel the connection between the soul and existence of a Tree and the soul and existence of a human have similarities.
We can relate the beauty of a Tree all year round, yet in winter they stands stripped to its basic foundations, exposing its soul to the elements, it is battered and tossed by wind, frozen by sub zero temperatures, deluged with rain yet it stands tall and survives?

Why do you think we as humans are scared to bare our souls? I believe it is back to the word intent and what we ask for out of life, inside our basic structure we have strength and beauty just like a Tree, nothing can destroy it, only ourselves, it is there forever and into eternity.

Today’s ponder is, set an intent to connect to your beautiful souls, do not be afraid to make the connection with our wonderful, essential self that is the ‘Source’, our, Creator, we are all children of our Divine Source, and in my humble opinion it is to this Source that we should be asking for guidance at all times, our Source is the Creator of all, our life can be further enhanced by asking our Source to guide us in all we say and do, in accomplishing this connection we can then find the beauty within us all.

I found a lovely poem by Karen Shragg, which tells us to think like a Tree.

Soak up the sun, Affirm life’s magic
Be graceful in the wind, Stand tall after a storm
Feel refreshed after it rains, Grow strong without notice
Be prepared for each season, Provide shelter to strangers
Hang tough through a cold spell, Emerge renewed at the first songs of spring
Stay deeply rooted while reaching for the sky, Be still long enough to
Hear your own leaves rustling.

Remember friends that the Divine Source is in and through everything on earth, we have a master control of our destiny, live in truth and do harm to none, resist judgemental thought, without first looking within yourself and you too could be ‘A Tree’

Blessed Be

I have always felt the living presence of trees.
The forest that calls to me as deeply as I breathe,
As though the woods were marrow of my bone,
As though I myself were tree
A breathing, reaching arc of the larger canopy
Like the one beside a brook bubbling to foam
Deep in these woods, that calls,
That whispers home.
Michael S. Glaser

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Source and The Tree   Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:54 pm

Thank you Serenity for your lovely piece you shared with us. I also love Mother Nature and feel connected to her. I am beginning to understand that we are all one. I am another tree hugger and i don't ask for healing of it but rather send it and just enjoy the lovely energy from it. Love Aurora x
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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Source and The Tree   Sat Aug 11, 2012 9:15 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Divine Source and The Tree   

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The Divine Source and The Tree
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