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PostSubject: silverwillow   Wed Jun 27, 2012 3:59 am

Hello and brightest blessings to all! sunny

Hello to all my friends, and friends that I haven't me yet Smile I consider myself a Christian Solitary Wiccan (I know that will get some tongues going! It's just that I recognise the Virgin Mary as the Goddess Aspect and 'God' as the Lord- but both equal, as it should be. Jesus is my Ascended Master). I also work with Arch Angels and Spirit as well as many Ascended Masters. I mainly concentrate on Healing, using Personal and Distant Reiki & Spiritual Healing, incorporating candle work as my main modality.
I also love using Oracle Candles for readings- but I am not a confident reader!
I love Yoga and I am working towards my becoming a counsellor as my profession. If the path has taught me anything, it is patience. These past 20 years have been about tragedy,grief, acceptance, conflict, and resolution. These were lessons I now acknowledge and accept I needed to learn, to allow myself to grow into the lightworker and person I want to be at this time and place of my time here: So I can help others. And this site is the place we can ALL be ourselves, learning, growing and sharing; supporting us all through our growth.

I adore sunset walks along the seashore, as I live on the coast; but my favourite times are those in the Lake District- especially if the weather is a bit wild. I love the smell of water, grass, and feeling the wind whipping my hair against my face.
I love the inevitable warm pub at the end of the walk too Razz

So that's me...I'm silverwillow, aka silv or silver in chat Very Happy I accept and honour all Paths, and look forward to reading your posts, and talking with you.

With love, blessings & light, Namaste!

flower silv xx

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PostSubject: Re: silverwillow   Wed Jun 27, 2012 4:19 am

Thank you for your introduction Silv, its great to see you posting cherub, I have to say when I think of what you have been through over the past few years then it certainly puts my thoughts on a positive track again, you are an amazing lady indeed and our site is further enhanced by your wisdom and presence, brightest blessings to you in all you do and a huge welcome to the new Pathways xxx
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PostSubject: Re: silverwillow   Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:06 am

Hello Silverwillow welcome. So many of us share your opinions about angels, masters etc, I love the Angels and i also work with Jesus. Its so nice to learn what others are interested in, love Aurora xx
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PostSubject: Re: silverwillow   Wed Jun 27, 2012 10:50 am

Greetings silverwillow

A very warm welcome to Pathways of Divine Light!!! cheers cheers sunny sunny

I am a newbie here as well but I spend most of my time here now. This forum is truly enjoyable I know you will love your stay here very much!

I look forward to seeing you around the forum regularly!

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PostSubject: Re: silverwillow   

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