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PostSubject: COPYRIGHT and PLAGARISM   Sun Mar 18, 2012 5:30 am

Here is a checklist of things to take notice of when you are quoting or using another person's work.

We have to be very strict when it concerns copyrighting because could lead to the closure of our site.

So we hope that this post will help because we will send out warnings for infringements and it can actually result in a site ban.

(These rules are in accordance with the UK Copyright Act of 1976 and the UK Copyright Designs and Patents Act of 1988. You will find some of our rules are much harsher than the ones mentioned in the Acts. This is to ensure that we keep well within UK Law.)


They must be under 50 words (less than this is better)
When quoting you must state the author and book or website that it came from. (the more information about the source, the better.)
Check you dont need the author's permission before quoting. If you do you will need to acquire this yourself and then forward a copy onto a moderator or administrator for our records. (You also need to add to your post that you have this permission.)

Administration does check this so do not try and falsify the information.

Using other people's ideas and information:

These need to be your own interpretation.
Do not copy the words.
Check that you dont need author's permission (see above).
State the author and source.

Diagrams and Charts:

These need to be redone in the graphics program of your choice.
You still cannot copy direct word for word so must write your own interpretation.
For charts containing numbers (I.e astrological measurements and degrees, the design and layout must be different to the original.
State the author and source as well.
Check permissions.

Examples that are allowed:

Quoting (less than 50 words) a phrase from a book to discuss with others.

Examples that are disallowed:

Direct copy and pasting of information from elsewhere. (internet, books, mail order publications, leaflets, what others have said.)
The copying of someone else's book review or opinions.

Add authors and sources where ever you can. You cannot use too much source information.

We do do check information and can spot plagiarism quite easily.

If you are unsure about anything regarding posting, please feel free to contact one of our friendly Site Helpers who will be only too happy to help you
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