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 Ponder on The Divine Source

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PostSubject: Ponder on The Divine Source   Thu May 10, 2012 9:09 pm

Good Morning friends, just back from the morning walk with my babies, lots of energy around the Trees today, spirits seem very active and the Tree energy was vibrant also, maybe they were sharing a little with me lol after another bad night’s sleep, hey ho and on we go.

I was pondering on the importance of love whilst walking and sent up thought to our divine source of all; this is where the True meaning of love comes from in my humble opinion. Love is the unrestricted energy of the Divine Source and flows within each of us.

This love or divine intention is our soul’s first awareness of universal unconditional love, all universal energy is available to us, we are taught as healers to ‘tap into’ the universal healing energy, so why does it seems so difficult for people to realise that this universal energy is there for all. To accept the universal love from our Divine Source fills our hearts with recognition of truth of the highest source and gives knowledge of the potential that is there for us.

Once we feel this familiar flow within us, then we too can transmute that loving energy to others, because it is part of the Divine Universal Source and has unrestricted potential to give to others.

We all say that it is important to stay positive and see the positive in everything, as hard as it may seem, but I feel that we should be saying more now and searching deep within ourselves to release our spiritual inhibitions to the Divine Source, who always returns the energy of Love.

It is perhaps pertinent to mention the heart chakra, the ‘home’ of unconditional love, all loving energy flows to and from this centre, it is also the central chakra between the higher and lower chakras, from here we meld our earthly essence and our Divine essence, from here we learn to love ourselves and hence send love to others via the spiritual web that connects all of us to our inner sanctuary our Divine Source and everything in creation.

Here is a quote I found from the book

Outrageous Openness: Letting the Divine Take the Lead by Tosha Silver

"While Divine Order says that the perfect whatever is already selected and you will be guided to it if you align yourself, Divine Source reminds that everything emanates from the One. If you know how to keep your vibration high and attuned to the Origin of All, whatever is needed to sustain you can always occur."

I didn’t read the book but was guided to look for a fitting quote to end my post and that one rang very true with me. Blessed Be

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PostSubject: Re: Ponder on The Divine Source   Thu May 10, 2012 11:14 pm

Thank you for your post on the divine source of love 'Ravensmoon'...
Sorry to hear your sleep was troubled last night... however... I'm sure your walk and connection to your part of the divine... helped clear your airways to a fresher day...
Divine... source of loving inspiration in all we do... I feel...
as when we achieve with this purpose... it is always a good outcome...
given... in the utmost love in doing...
I always stretch high to my part of divinity for all my workings in a spiritual form...
my life is a beautiful existence with this essence to it...
clearly you have reached there today 'Raven'... finding the peace needed... after...
a troubled night...
To breathe clear air... and... exhale... the wasteful air... conjures... self with its highest extreme...
to my mind anyways....
blessed be... softechoes xxxx
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Ponder on The Divine Source
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