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PostSubject: SAFETY ON SITE   Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:56 am

MEMBERSHIP OF THE FORUMS AND CHAT IS OPEN TO 18YRS PLUS ONLY, Administrators reserve the right to remove material that is deemed to be from anyone underage and remove them from chat also.


USERNAMES. Like a Star @ heaven Try to keep usernames different from your real name.

PASSWORDS. Like a Star @ heaven Never give your password to anyone, its important that you keep passwords you use on the internet private. Make you email password as difficult as possible (remember to write it down somewhere to remind you)

PERSONAL INFORMATION Like a Star @ heaven Its important that you try to remain as anonymous as possible on the internet, never reveal your home address, telephone number, even your work address. These must never be shared on the Message Boards, on the Private Messaging facility or in Chat, this advice is for your personal safety, something we take very seriously on Pathways of Guiding Light.
Please inform us immediately if you receive an offensive PM on the Message Boards, copy the content and save this to your computer.

PHOTOGRAPHS Like a Star @ heaven If you are showing photographs on the Message Boards, please remember to chose them wisely, try not to use backgrounds that can easily be identified that are near your home and do not include the front of your house, cars or registration plates / numbers. Be particularly careful of showing pictures of children wearing school uniform or uniforms of Scouts, Guides or similar, please make sure the pack name or unit details are not showing.

EMAIL ADDRESS Like a Star @ heaven On this site all of the members email addresses are hidden and we ask you not to post your email addresses in any of your posts or show them in signatures, or post them into the chat room.[/color]
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