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 Angels of Atlantis

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PostSubject: Angels of Atlantis   Tue May 01, 2012 4:44 am

Another inspired poem containing music. Didn't know how to end this one though.
These are my own works - I hope you enjoy the read!

Angels of Atlantis

Misty miasma swirls across the stage
Where the gauntlet has been thrown
It’s been years since I’ve seen this mage
But the band is becoming known
The spotlight glides across the crowd
And the fans appreciation is quite loud.

The Angels of Atlantis join me as I step forward into the light
I’ve overcome my fears in not surrendering to the night
As the mage on his guitar strums the perfect tune
I watch him, as the magic of the song begins to shine
Beneath the silver moon

It’s my turn now as I lovingly pick up my violin
I know in my heart that my music is true
Born from love and magic too
That seeks to conquer the darkness and sin
As answers are found from within
And as the bow runs across the strings
I answer the challenge thrown at me on a whim
As I pluck the strings one by one
The song ends and the battle is done
The mage scowls as his spell is crushed
Golden dust sparkles as the magic is spun.
But above all else, this battle is won.
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Angels of Atlantis
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