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 Crafting a Talking Stick

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PostSubject: Crafting a Talking Stick   Thu Apr 19, 2012 10:59 pm

I thought you would like to see the various stages of the first Native American Style Talking Stick I made, finding the right branch or twig is the key to the first stage

This is day One, found a lovely branch that had fallen from the Cherry Tree in the high winds we had, so I sanded all of the jagged pieces off and decided not to fully remove the bark, the Cherry has a beautiful colour, it is a hard wood so very durable.

Here it is partially stripped and sanded 7 times I then applied a glaze to enhance the grain, its all ready to decorate now

I made a dreamcatcher to put in between the Y shape of the stick and attached it with leather binding, added feathers and bound the handle of the stick with leather too, added some decoration the the stem and placed a blue sphere at the base, so here it is the finished job
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Crafting a Talking Stick
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