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  Working with Tree Spirits

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PostSubject: Working with Tree Spirits   Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:41 am

It would be impossible to work with Tree Spirits unless you had a deep respect for the Trees in general and a love of nature, this particularly includes taking anything away for the vicinity of the Tree, in my case a twig although it may have fallen from the Tree and is no longer needed I still give thanks for the gift, never remove a branch or twig by cutting it from the Tree, to desecrate a Tree in this way is wrong,

Some may say that it is ok if you ask permission of the Tree, but I personally find this hard to believe, no Tree would give permission for a knife to be taken to its branches, they do after all have their spirits and are living beings, it is also advisable to warn the Tyree if there is going to be any pruning pending so as not to cause distress to the Tree Spirits.

The best way to begin to work with Tree Spirits is to sit in peace with you back against the Tree, touch its bark and have an awareness of its energy and vibration, some will be a continual flow of energy, others like the Oak has a strong pulsing energy.

To sit and meditate under the Tree is also a great way of communicating with its spirits, you may well get visions and pictures and even channelled words, you may if you’re really attuned to the Trees energy see its Tree Spirit, because they have so much knowledge to impart it may be advisable to ‘work’ with them for short periods at first on a regular basis, so you do not become drained, the Tree Spirits are eager to share knowledge with you if your intent is for the good of our Great Mother.

It is wonderful to work with them and over periods of time you may learn about healing in nature and insight into the generations that have passed before, oh and please don’t forget to give Tree a hug before you leave, happy chatting, Blessed Be

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PostSubject: Re: Working with Tree Spirits   Tue Apr 17, 2012 11:56 pm

Thankyou for sharing this with us and the photo is wonderful xxxxxxx

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Working with Tree Spirits
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