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 What is a Tree Spirit?

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PostSubject: What is a Tree Spirit?   Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:08 am

A Tree Spirit is actually said to be the “Living Soul” of a Tree and has much to offer us in the way of wisdom and healing, all we have to do is listen and absorb what is received.

A Tree Spirit is not a faery but is a nature spirit within a Tree. They are visible to those with a psychic awareness and do in fact appear in various forms, depending on the Tree they reside in, for example, the spirit of a Weeping Willow amy appear as a very lithe willowy woman, where as the spirit of an old Tree may appear to us as a wizened dwarf or goblin.

Tree Spirits are other worldly and ghostly, they are notably difficult to see and may be seen out of the corner of your eye or as flash of sun light, either way, if looking, you will turn your head in that direction, they are the guardians and life force of the Tree and nurture the Tree during growth.

Tree Spirits are very keen to share their knowledge and wisdom regarding our planet, in particular of course the Forests and Woods and also the wildlife that shares their space. They are excellent Healers and often seen leaning against the trunk of a Tree, using its restorative energy.
They are not bound to their Tree and can move a short distance away, there are many stories of people feeling very unsettled when walking through a Forest at night because of the Tree Spirits. They have their own hierarchy too, Tree Mothers are the female Tree Spirits and very much wiser than their counterparts, the Trees they inhabit are known as matriarchal Trees and offer very important wisdom for those eager to Learn.

Although Tree Spirits are not Faeries in themselves, there are Faeries associated with them, these are known as Dryads, Tree Wights and Wood Nymphs, Faeries are not part of the Tree themselves, but have attached themselves either to a lone standing Tree or a Group of Trees.

The Triad of Trees, meaning The Oak, The Ash and The Thorn are very appealing to the Fae and is a good place to start looking for them, The Oak is a Faerie Tree anyway and dwarves are said to reside in the underworld within its deep searching roots.

Legend tells of many other Fae associated with Trees, these vary from the Green Man to the eternal seasonal battle between The Oak King and the Holly King. So next time you are out and about in the Forests and Woods keep an eye peeled for these beautiful beings. Blessed Be

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PostSubject: Re: What is a Tree Spirit?   Mon Apr 16, 2012 5:15 am

Thankyou RavensMoon for sharing this information with us, it was fairly recently when i realized i could see tree spirits in the trees and wooded areas on photographs, it is quite fasinating and i feel very privilaged to be able to see them sometimes, funnily enough i have not seen any in the actual woods only on the photos when i upload them afterwards. I wonder if they are similar to spirit like orbs that are now showing up in photos as if they now want to be seen? love Angelslove x

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What is a Tree Spirit?
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