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 We are Beings of Light

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PostSubject: We are Beings of Light   Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:03 pm

We are beings composed of Light, Love and intelligence, these are the characteristics and essence of Pure Energy, so in theory we are in fact Energetic Beings? I know at times we may feel exactly the opposite of Energy, but this essence is contained within and we do have unlimited Energy.
This energy has the most remarkable gifts, our thoughts control the Flow of Energy within and around us, we all know the importance of the Way we Think, for example negative positive, these thoughts determine how we feel and indeed what we experience.

So we have different energy centres within and around us that are greatly influenced by our thought, especially the day to day thoughts, for example, money, spirituality, relationships, physical capabilities, our thought attached to these and many more daily living occurences all affect our energy.
The best way to describe the Enery Centres is like fans with blades, these are called Chakras, which means 'wheel' in the ancient sanskrit language. As Psychics, Mediums and Healers we tend to concentrate of the major Chakras, which are found close to a Hormonal Gland, they serve to push our energy or 'Chi' through our body to create energy, a very special Energy that comes from the Divine Source, which gives us our access to Psychic information and our spiritual wisdom.

Now that we understand a little about the functions of our main Chakras lets talk about them in more detail in relevance to our energy levels.
Our Chakras receive and radiate energy constantly, if we hold negative thoughts then our Chakras become 'Dirty' with dense 'dark' energy, dirty Chakras cant send through sufficient energy, so we begin to feel sluggish and out of balance and often lose touch with our psychic abilities. We do have a Chakra for each 'issue' that we commonly give thought to, money, career, relationships, our future, appetite and lifes goals and aspirations.

Yes these things do bring negativity at times when things go wrong for us, but....if we completely base our thoughts in Love and Faith of our belief and ask for divine guidance, then our Chakras will operate normally and send through energy at a perfectly healthy rate, this in turn will bring, harmony and balance to us. The hard part for many is remaining in positive thought, and many succumb to constant negative thought and an unhealthy spiritual essence emanates from their being.

Our spiritual path changes constantly, some times it speeds up, sometimes it slows down, embrace these times with positive thought, and keep those Chakras turning. Blessed Be

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We are Beings of Light
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