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PostSubject: SITE GUIDELINES   Sun Mar 18, 2012 2:01 am

Pathways of Guiding Light aims to be a Spiritual Haven where like minded folk can come together and learn, share and grow together, it is important to us that our members feel safe whilst on the Message boards or in Chat, there fore we have formulated Guidelines that must be strictly adhered too, failure to do so will result in a ban, thank you for your understanding in the importance of the following guidelines...

Like a Star @ heaven No put-downs, flaming, bullying or aggressive behaviour designed to intimidate or harass other members

Like a Star @ heaven Racism, sexism, ageism and religious bigotry against ALL religions (including Christianity) is not allowed.

Like a Star @ heaven No swearing. Do not go around the word filter either, or swear in the hopes that the word filter will pick it up.

Like a Star @ heaven No spamming or deliberate multi-posting in different Forums with the same topic.

Like a Star @ heaven No multiple accounts (with the exception of admin who have ‘test’ accounts to make sure all the technical changes are running smoothly).

Like a Star @ heaven No illegal activity or promotion of illegal activity including, pornography, scam sites etc.

Like a Star @ heaven Respect copyright! Legally, you can reproduce a small amount of text for education purposes (as long as you cite the text afterwards), but it is illegal to copy entire chapters, websites, etc. from books, sites and magazine articles. When in doubt, write something in your own words with links to where you got the information from.

Like a Star @ heaven We ask that there is no advertising for similar services to those offered by Pathways of Guiding Light, particularly If you are unsure if your services conflict with that of Pathways of Guiding Light, contact an administrator.

Like a Star @ heaven Please don't be afraid to start new threads or revive old topics if you have something to say. It doesn't matter if that topic is 6 months old, We want to hear your opinions, experience, knowledge and growth. We all can learn something from each other.

Like a Star @ heaven We will not allow arguing or anger between members on site Pathways is a Spiritual Community anger will not be tolerated in any form.

Like a Star @ heaven There is a 1 warning rule in place before a temporary ban from the site/chat room will occur. Then if the behaviour continues you may have a permanent ban from the site.

Like a Star @ heaven Nobody is above the rules, including Site Helpers and the administrators. If you notice Helpers or administrators breaching these rules in some way, please keep a copy of it where you can and contact RavensMoon or Angel Whisper immediately.

Like a Star @ heaven The administrators reserve the right to remove, edit, move and close any thread, post, signature, avatar etc. as necessary to prevent trolling and to make sure that people do not try and skirt around the rules as outlined above (it does happen). This is to ensure that the board stays a safe place for all the Spiritual Minded Members of Pathways of Guiding Light.

Like a Star @ heaven Thank you for your co operation in adhering to our guidelines Like a Star @ heaven

Like a Star @ heaven Bright Blessings Like a Star @ heaven

Like a Star @ heaven The team @ Pathways of Guiding Light Like a Star @ heaven
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